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Susie Sunshine from Chelsea O'Connor on Vimeo.

The Story

It’s 2035 and we’re transported to a world that, though similar to our own, is imbued with the style and sensibilities of our 1950’s. This world, which is owned and run by corporations, has concentrated power and control of the people into the hands of an elite few, the most notable of which are those in the Martin Energy Corporation. Martin Energy maintains it’s position of power by dominating the energy market with its unique process of harnessing women’s emotional intelligence and strength to generate resources such as sunshine, electricity, and fire. The “Men in Suits” at the head of the company, while openly pushing these women to their limits when creating energy, do so knowing that it will cause them to burn out.

With a healthy turn over rate, Martin Energy ensures that its staff is kept young and naive, but when Susie, Martin Energy’s poster girl for Sunshine Makers, accidentally creates electricity — something outside the realm of a Sunshine Maker — the balances of this imposed order start to unravel and Susie discovers a strength she never knew she had.


Susie wins a Grant!

Writer and Director Chelsea O’Connor, received the Panavision NewFilmmaker Grant, which awarded the film the incredible Arri Alexa Classic for shooting. You can read more about the grant program here.
pana train set

When and Where did you film?

Susie Sunshine completed principal photography June 11-14th in Los Angeles. The shoot was a huge success! The first two days of filming where shot on custom built sets, designed by Production Designer- Brent Mason. The third day of filming took place at the Sony Pictures Lot in Culver City. And the final day of filming was on location in downtown Los Angeles at The John Ferraro Building. Click here to see more behind the scenes photos from set!

sunshine set

Susie in Post Production

Post production took place from July 2015- March 2016. Our post-production team included Julian Smirke- Editor, David Raines- Sound Designer, Dean Harada- Composer, and VFX Supervisor-Jase Lindgren. The final mix was done at Universal Studios. 10456048_755705774563943_5705409281783801867_n